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We Need BINGO Callers!

Ever thought of hitting it big time and being a bingo caller?   We, have we got a deal for you!   Free of charge we can hook you up.

We need more people willing to do the calling so that the current callers don't have to be at bingo multiple times a month.   If you are willing to learn, please contact Mike Hamann <[email protected]> or Matte Abate <[email protected]>

Have you Signed up for Bingo Lately?

Bingo is our key band fundraiser.  Without it band fees would be at least double.  We ask that all band parents, no matter what band your student is a part of, work bingo once a month.  It is easy, it is fun, and you will directly earn additional funds for your student.  Use the sign up list on the left and check out out bingo page for more information.   We are in great need of callers and records keepers.   Please just sign up as a Trainee on the sign up sheet and tell them that is what you are willing to learn.